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My Name is Engr Suprin Aziz. I have experience in AI BOTS, Webdesigning and Custom Desktop/Mobile Applications.


There are three main services, I am directly offering here. However, You can contact me by clicking on facebook or email mentioned at the end of this page


Are you Looking for brand logo, website or simply want your presence online? Just ping me and I am there to help you. ( I am dealing with all kind of vector Illustrations and Intensive Graphics). I can work on Adobe Illustration, Adobe lighroom, Adobe photoshop and adobe aftereffect. the normal cost for a logo is about 25$, however for extra effects, and graphic job the cost can go upto 40$. I am gonna make sure that you get the quality work, source file and 100% satisfaction.

Web Devepment

I can develop a Website in Wordpress, Joomla, PHP, JS, and Python. I can make any kind of website for you. It can be a Company Website, Portfolio,a E-Commerce or a Custom Service providing Website. I can also Optimize the Website Speed, Cache and Protection using Cloudflare and Openssl. I can also secure your Website from SQL injection, Cross Script and other kind of Valurnability. I am also experienced in Sharehosting, VPS, or Custom hosting through Apache2, Ubuntu server and Agro tunnel. the cost of job starts from 70% and go upto 1000$

App and Bot Design

I can design any kind of Web App , Desktop App and AI Bot (discord, whatsapp, messenger, telegram). I can make any kind of app, it can be a advanced inventory app, a office app, a server based app and location app etc. The preferred programming language is javascript(nodejs), php. ajax and python. i have a advance experience in creating complicated AI-bots to do most of jobs. i can create any bot from shopping assistance, customer service to a Machine learning chat bot. the cost depends on the complexicity of the app/bot. it starts from 40$ and go upto 500$

Our Latest Projects

My latest products includes A Role-Changing Discord bot, a Complete E-commerce Website and few Machine Learning Python Bots.

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About Me

Hi, I got experience in developing and managing Softwares, ML AI bots and Websites for different national and international companies. The programming languages I prefer are Python and PHP(web).

I am certified by Digiskills (Virtual University, Pakistan) and Coursera (the University of California Irvine, Division of Continuing Education) in the following fields:

1- Freelancing

2- Digital Marketing

3- E-Commerce

4- Auto-Cad

5- Graphic Design

6- WordPress

7- Grammar and Punctuation

8- Essay Writing

9- Advance Writings

I had developed skills in the following domains:

1- Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and illustrator.

2- Auto-Cad.

3- Arduino.

4- WordPress, Joomla and other similar content management systems.

5- Unity 3d.

6- Domain buying, renewing and management.

7- Cpanel Management.

8- Custom Business Emails. (Zoho and G-suite)

9- Cloudflare.

10- Website Encryption (HTTPS) and security.

11- ML Customer Support Bot.

12- Discord bot.

13- Google Sheet API.

14- Python, Php, Ajax, CSS, and HTML.

15- Computer troubleshooting. (Software and hardware)

I can work with following Software:

-Adobe Photoshop

-Adobe Premiere Pro

-Adobe Illustrator.

-Visual Basic 6


-3D Maya


-Unreal Engine-

I can work with following languages:




- Javascript


- Ajax

- Python

- Nodejs

I can do following tasks:

Website and Graphic Designing

- Create, Improve or Recreate a website.(Wordpress, Joomla, Prestashop, Magneta, Custom)

- Create, Improve or Re brand a Logo.

- Create or Edit any graphics related to your business or website.


- Create, Improve or Recreate any Desktop Application(python).

- Create, Improve or Recreate any Mobile Application(Andriod/IOS).

- Create, Improve or Recreate any Server Application(python/php/json)

- Create or Improve Whatsapp Bot

- Create or Improve Discord Bot

- Create or Improve Telegram Bot

- Create or Improve Messenger Bot

- Create or Improve Twitter Bot

- Create or Improve Instagram Bot

- Create or Improve Custom Bot

- Create or improve any website/bot/application based on Machine learning AI.


- Create Soft and Hard advertisement banners and brochure.

- Digital Marketing at Facebook,Twitter,Youtube,Instagram and Google Adword.


Suprin Aziz


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Contact Me


Qasimabad, Hyderabad, Sindh,
Phone: (+92)336-3096033


[email protected]

I will provide you services free of charges, if you are non-profit organisation and working on following domains:

Against Child Abuse

Against Child Labour

Free legal or finanical help for underprivilge Children

Against the Corporal punishment of children

Free Education of Children

Free legal or finanical Support for unemployment

Free legal or finanical Support for poor

Against Unemployment

Against Animal cruelity